2015 - Ongoing
Now You See Me
2015 – On-going
5 Diasec-mounted Fine Art Prints & 1 Light Box Diptych
Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.

Building upon Gözde Mimiko Türkkan’s prior work on the politics of the body, Now You See Me series in a way is all too familiar. The re-enactment of amateur and amateur-looking porn videos, of the casting couch and “cam-girl” images shows us these young women who are trying to get a hold in this new environment through catering to a state of forced desirability. This need for acceptance by the conduit of desire and the related quest of the individual’s measure for self-worth provided by the acceptance one receives from the other is Türkkans’s proverbial tip of the hat to Lacan. The fact that the model in question in this ongoing series, is the artist herself, is trully Türkkan-esk.”

Text by İpek Çınar
Translated by Kerimcan Güleryüz