Building upon my whole body of work on gender roles, socially constructed identities and the politics of the body and my use of self-portraits, “GT_iP_201410” series is the precursor of my on-going Now You See Me project. “GT_iP_201410” initiated in 2014 is based on the selfie craze, with a hint of what’s to come: The intrinsic urge to produce our most desirable representation. It is most likely safe to assume that most people have at least attempted to take a selfie, which gives direct control over one own’s representation and makes it easy to “bring the best out”. As a consequence, intimate selfies conquered the digital seduction domain in order to sexually appeal to someone as well as to self-gratify. Our smart phones, computers and digital storages are more likely full of these photographs, some our own, some sent to us…

Based on this context and the fact that, not making an exception, I have also been producing intimate selfies, the project’s early images are remakes of some of my personal snaps taking place just before or after the “climax” shots. In doing so, it forces the viewer not only to take a guess at what is going on in the image, but also to take a step back, take the omitted moments into consideration and reminds the “staged” nature of the selfie genre. Furthermore, these lo-fi, smart phones sized images refers to the celebrities’ iCloud bust in the last couple of years.