Bandrolsüz is a distribution platform for artist’s books, zines and multiples, established by five independent publishers (Bakkal Press, folio, ONAGÖRE, Reccollective and Too Many Books) in February 2011.



Too Many Books is an independent publisher co-founded in 2010 by Merve Kaptan and Gözde Türkkan. Produces artist’s books, special editions and other curious publications.



BOOK LAB’s mission is to promote the creation of artist books in Turkey.
“We want to give young and talented artists a frame-work in which they can experiment and reflect on the practice of book making and production.
We would like to create a community of book lovers in İstanbul in order to provide an audience and a forum for local independent publishers and publications and promote them on an international level.”
BOOK LAB was initiated by photographer and book designer Frederic Lezmi together with Istanbul gallerist Kerimcan Güleryüz.